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Handling Armitage Withdrawal, Y’all

About all these coastal posts: I love the coast and must be thinking of it more because “endless summer” is almost upon us.  But I have been sadly lacking in Richard Armitage postings, so here’s my favorite of the latest RA promo photographs from Sydney:


2013 Promo Pic, mXnewspaper.  Source: richardarmitagenet.com

I realize this particular shot wasn’t the favorite of some – our tastes vary – but when that set of photos was posted, this one immediately attracted my eye.  Maybe just because the brown leather was a change from the usual black, maybe because of the contrast it provided – at least more than black does – with Mr. Armitage’s hair (Forgive the interruption, but let me make it clear that Richard Armitage and black go together like, well, boots and leather. I certainly don’t mean to disparage The Black. May that never change.), maybe it was something about the casual pose against a stone wall. Of course, a LOT of the attraction was his facial expression, as it often is.

In another discussion about this photo, I believe someone mentioned cowboys of South Texas wearing similar brown leather jackets. A comparison I hadn’t considered, but the more I thought about it…. hmmm, interesting.

I know this is asking RA fans to leap across a huge cultural chasm here, but this is just food for wistful thinking (and purring). I grew up surrounded by the cowboy culture. I was not a part of it and was more likely to be found in either the hippie or the nerd crowd.  But this has always appealed to me:  a tall, lean, handsome, long-legged cowboy, in the aforementioned brown leather jacket, good-fitting jeans (!), and cowboy boots.  Hat is optional, because I couldn’t decide between black felt and natural straw, although I lean toward the black. Got the sweet horseback riding skills already. And I think stubble works better than clean-shaven or beard here. On second thought, the beard will work too.  Just something to ponder.