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And So It Begins….

After agonizing over what to say first, I’ve decided just to jump in and try to give some meaning to these strange, apparently totally unrelated, titles and names. I think it will help describe what this blog is to be about. Here goes…

L’Esprit de la Cote – Spirit of the Coast

I’ve always loved the coast, but in the past 20 or so years it has become the salve that calms my anxieties, the reference point for happiness, even the motif for “decorating,” such as I actually do that. This will be an inadequate description, but maybe I can flesh it out later.  There is a certain playfulness and whimsy about the coast – shorts, flip-flops, white clapboard buildings (and sometimes hot pink, green, and blue ones), dolphins, pelicans, seagulls, island time, reggae music, “beach” music in its various incarnations, sea glass, wine on the condo balcony overlooking the ocean, “the warmth of the sun,” boogie  boards, and sand under your feet. This says don’t worry, be happy. I always have fun at the coast – life is good.

There’s another side to the coast for me. A much deeper, spiritual one (using spiritual in a very broad sense here). It is so connected to the natural elements – water, sand, sky – and natural rhythms – waves, tides, life cycles of the many plants and animals unique to this habitat. It is this quality that I think must have saved me from a nervous breakdown, or at least depression, after my mother died. Six months after her death we traveled to my favorite coast, and I feel that I  was carried beyond my grief by the soothing reassurance of this place – a reassurance that says there is something larger holding everything together, and it’s going to be OK.

I also see the spirit of the coast as something I carry within me. As I search for some deeper part of me, I’d like to think that I carry the spirit of the coast somewhere down there. Since I don’t live on a coast, I must incorporate something of this place where I can tap it when needed. Or maybe it’s the other way around – there is a part of me that is l’esprit de la cote and that explains my affinity for it?

So, this blog is in part an attempt to explore what that spirit really is to me – for I feel that it is at least a part of my “inner self.” It is also an attempt to get in touch with the playful, beautiful, whimsical side of life that I’ve tended to repress most of my life. If I can do both of these things, then the blog will have served one of its purposes for me. Esprit de la cote, I guess, represents my nirvana, salvation, wholeness, true self, enlightenment – whatever you want to call it, which is to me an inner peace combined with the joy, unrestrained and uninhibited, of living in the moment.

This got way out of hand. I’d hoped to get into that more in the Spirituality page, but whatever. I don’t intend to be this heavy all the time. Or at least I’ll try to give sufficient warning…


So on to the justmepurring. Again, symbolic of some state of peace and calm (Interestingly, according to an article on Mother Nature Network, there is research showing that purring is also a form of self-healing.) My awareness of “human purring” came from a comic strip that I don’t remember much about, except that the person in it was purring from sheer contentment and pleasure.

I love this feeling. I especially get it now when I wake up in the morning, with no (immediate) worries, no pain, just happiness.  Also get it when listening to favorite music on Spook (my new mp3 best friend). Major purring goes on when I’m watching my SO and children interact, or watching them at all. Richard Armitage makes me purr. Sometimes after a glass of wine. And, in a stretch out of my comfort zone here – after really good sex.

As you might guess, this name also pegs me as a cat person, not that I have anything against dogs. My back-up name, then, which is actually a sort of acronym using some letters of my first and maiden names, would be Cat.

So that covers those two terms.  Some of the pages here also have inexplicable names, which I will give some background for on each page.

One final note: While I have followed blogs for some time now, this blogging myself is a whole new animal to me. Still figuring out what everything means and how to get around. Also not certain about blogging protocol and courtesies – like when reblogging is ok but reposting is not? And the reason this blog is so blank right now is that I’m somewhat in the dark about using and crediting photos. Thanks in advance for (gently) pointing me in the right direction if I step out of the bounds of bloggy niceness.

More to come to fill up the blank About page – and more pages and posts, too, including more Armitage-ness. The next post will try to give some idea of what I want/need to talk about here. Most of the important part for me is to let these devils and delights out – someone actually reading them will be icing on the cake.

Excited, a bit nervous about this, but thanks so much for checking it out!