I’ve always been the one who does what’s expected of them: make good grades, finish high school and college, move right into grad school, get married, have kids, etc.  This path has led me to a masters degree in urban planning, a 25+ year career in public agencies and as a self-employed consultant. Wonderful husband, three fabulous kids. Another part of my upbringing has been the woman as self-sacrificing wife/mother. (Let me be clear, though, my mother was a wonderful woman with a strong positive influence on me.) Not that it’s a totally bad way to be, but it can tend to stifle one’s individuality.

Occasionally another side of me pops up: wanting to break out of the mold, be creative, do something totally out of character.  My rational side usually wins out.  Case in point: in a creative writing course I took in high school, my rather straight-laced teacher suggested I get drunk prior to my next writing session so I’d produce something besides political essays!

Writing was an integral part of my professional life – reports, planning documents, grant applications – but of course that doesn’t allow for much self-expression.  So this blog is an attempt, after many years of prodding by family, friends, and now by support groups, to let out some of that pent-up Cat who’s prowling around looking for a way out. They also say this can be healing – I assume that means as much for mind and soul as for body.  We’ll see.

My original intent is to have an outlet for serious expression – a spirituality journey, living with cancer – and an outlet for playful expression – vicarious trips to the coast and a look at things coastal that I love, an embrace of the Armitage celebrity crush. So, here goes….

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