Sunrise Flight of the Pelican

Love this photo! I may have mentioned it too, but pelicans are, I think, my coastal totem or something. Love to watch them fly. Sunrise on Carolina Beach makes it even better!


Sunrise Flight of the Pelican

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to watch the pelicans dip and soar in and out of the surf? Pretty sure I have : ) This morning on Carolina Beach was no exception.

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4 thoughts on “Sunrise Flight of the Pelican

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Well, yes, they do have a bit of a prehistoric look about them, especially their heads. Best seen from the distance, which I guess is why I like watching them in the little groups that fly in formation. You went to St. Martin? Our son and daughter-in-law went there for their honeymoon. Loved it and didn’t want to come back!

      1. marieastra8

        I can totally understand not wanting to come back from St. Martin. I had such a great time I would love to go back. It’s very low key, not tremendously built up and lots of yummy French food! 😀

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