Thanks to All

Thanks so much for all your comments and encouragement. I’ll get to each one when this little episode is over, but just wanted to let  you know how much I appreciate them. We’re in the motel room, having a bit of wine to unwind. Very tired. But very grateful to have your kind words.

I promise to follow the two main bits of advice:

  • Use the wheelchair. OK, swallowing my pride, but as my dad said, you check your pride at the door when you walk into a medical facility.
  • Look at as many RA pics as I can. In some cases this may mean listening to audio files since I’ll have my little buddy (mp3 player), Spook, with me all day, but probably no way to see photos. And to start things out, very belated Guy Day acknowledgement (I know I just used this one a couple of weeks ago – I like it!):
No caption needed! Source:

No caption needed! Source:

Again, thanks. Here’s hoping y’all are having a great weekend!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Thanks to All

  1. Servetus

    Concentrate on those curls, waves, towards the right side of the pic from our perspective (under the left side of his face). They will make you grin every time!

  2. bollyknickers

    Well Thank You for that gorgeous picture of Guy!

    Take care and remember how many people are cyber hugging you right now.

    bolly x

    1. justmepurring Post author

      You’re welcome. That Guy hardly takes a non-gorgeous picture, does he? (or should that be doesn’t he? Working on some double negative issues, here. Either that or, Cat, it’s too late for you to string together a coherent sentence! 🙂 )

      Aw, cyber hugs! Thanks!

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Tried to stock up on mental images of RA for those long waits and scans. Really they’re only about 20 minutes, but it can seem like a long time if you’re restless. Mr. Armitage definitely makes the wait more pleasant!
      Sending thanks for the hugs with more hugs! (Not sure that makes sense – getting late 🙂 )


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