Armitage and the Beach

During last night’s insomnia session, I was looking over the posts of others  – such good reading to be had among this group! – and my own most recent ones. My, my, Cat, I said to myself, you are getting much too serious here.  Come on and loosen up, kiddo.  So by daybreak, I had fleshed out some notes, and here it is.

One of the first commenters on my blog, DaisyGirl, made a brilliant suggestion in discussing our affection for both the coast and RA: “Hmm, perhaps Richard Armitage on a beach? Yes, please!” I responded that it appeared to me that RA was more of a mountain guy since he was such a snow skiing aficionado, but we could always hope.  I figured we would be a force of two promoting the whole idea of Armitage photographed as a beach guy.

But, lo and behold, in a recent “ooof!” post, Guylty commented, “Well, maybe we need to petition someone to get Armitage to pose on the beach.” I realize this is taken out of context since, as I understand it, it was referring to a beach photo shoot for an unrelated purpose, the making of “costume change” photo shoots to accompany the “primary” shoot. However, we’ll take what we can get, since Guylty is the resident photographic expert, in my opinion, of Armitageworld. I thought it might add credibility to our cause.

Based on my limited research, this is the extent of Armitage on the  beach:


Ricky Deeming, in George Gently. We assume RA is the tall one in the middle? Great beach sunset shot; not exactly what we had in mind though . Source:

Ricky Deeming, George Gently. Source:

Ricky Deeming, in George Gently. This documents that RA really was at the beach, but again, just misses the mark. Source:

Another less satisfactory solution was to find pics that could, with some imagination, at least be representative of a coastal photo location or the coastal way of life. I absolutely was NOT going to use Speedo pics! Photoshop was out of the question. However, I have on a couple of occasions, used this as a symbolic Armitage-at-the-beach shot,  the white t-shirt being more appropriate beach gear, and the bright blue weathered wall definitely putting out a coastal vibe. (Where I come from a more complete beach look would replace the jeans with faded cut-offs and add a pair of flipflops. And maybe muss the hair a little.)  But still, not a legitimate coastal pic, is it?

The Pretend-We’re-on-the-Coast shot. Robert Ascroft, photographer. Source:

Does this seem such an unreasonable request? Given the positive response from RA fans to other coastal posts, it seems like this could garner more widespread support. Maybe a photo shoot on a New Zealand beach as a break from filming? I would think Mr. Armitage would appreciate a breather, literally, from the prosthetics and costume, although it might be hard to stay in character as Thorin wearing boardshorts and a tank. I know it’s not summer there now – a detail.

I thought DaisyGirl had a great idea. Just sayin’….


7 thoughts on “Armitage and the Beach

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  2. Christine (msgigglepants)

    Seriously, I would love to even just see him a little less perfect and a little more mussed. :} Not even in boardshorts; but flip-flops would be DELICIOUS. I don’t generally have a thing for feet, but he does have some yummy ankles and feet. (blush)

  3. Servetus

    he said once that he wore flip flops to concerts in the rain (or something like that). There’s somebody who’s always searching my blog for pix of his toes, so I think parts of your scenario definitely have wider appeal!

      1. justmepurring Post author


        Love it! Been trying to think of a clever response, but I’m floundering for words like a fish out of water!

        Agree totally about the more mussed look. One of my favorites is the “Hood Academy” series of shots. What does this say about us? I was glad to see the softer look of hair and beard at the Popcorn Taxi event, however. And, that’s not to say that he doesn’t clean up nice! 🙂

        Hadn’t really focused on feet before, but very interesting idea. See Servetus’s comment about RA wearing flip-flops in the rain. Wet feet in flip-flops!!! 🙂

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