Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I supposedly have no time to do this, but I had to make time. I need to say it.

Last night was (another) difficult night, with pain not in the excruciating category, but enough to keep me awake. I  got up this morning, late, with a heavy sense of sadness and loss. I felt that I had dreamed it, but, as usual, didn’t remember the dream. What was this about? Ostensibly, it could have been due to the fact that I (finally) started reading Alyssa’s incredible piece on Lucas North last night. (Alyssa, a more thorough comment is forthcoming.) She led me into revisiting the Lucas to John Bateman revelation.  When I  watched Season 9, I went into a real downer mode and haven’t watched any of that season since.

(Major detour:   I had something of a personal epiphany during/after reading “I Believe in Lucas North,” relating to this blog, being a part of Armitageworld, and the role Mr. A himself plays in it. Another post will have to get into all that – tentative working title: “I’m Going on an Adventure” or What Has This Man Done to Us?)

Another, scarier, explanation of my melancholy would be an intuitive feeling of some impending event, which I have had occasionally in the past. The other possibility is some deep place where my mind has led me in which I subconsciously feel a strong  sense of disappointment with something/someone. Who? Someone in my family? The whole RA experience? Myself?

An aching body, weary mind, and many, many things to do before leaving for our daughter’s graduation….. But I decide to look quickly at l’Esprit while eating. And there, written I’m sure as light-hearted responses to a reblog of coastal cottage decorating, were several cheery messages from Armitagers. (I will, hopefully, respond to each of your comments before the day is out.)  Nothing deep and probing, not written with an eye toward consolation, just short expressions of acknowledgement, appreciation of the content. Several other quick, friendly responses were there as well.

Then there was a post, this from another cancer patient whose blog I follow.  Please see my reblog of “A Poem Again?” How had she known? This was me. Right now, just the pain part applies, but what a wonderful turn at the end. How could she have known?

I vacillate between acceptance of hard, coincidence-ridden reality and the notion that there is no such thing as coincidence. But this today…… How could it be that such simple actions by those in my circle of acquaintance can, unintentionally, but most certainly to powerful effect, become random acts of kindness?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And now, I should put in a sweet, smiling pic of RA, but I’m way too tired. So just imagine it. I’m sure you can. I’m picturing Harry.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Thanks so much. After all the wonderful comments today, it’s helped my mood tremendously! Now if I can just get rid of some of the “ouchiness” Hugs back to you!

  1. bollyknickers

    It is us who should be thanking you – after all it was you who introduced us to another lovely blog and gave us all the gift of those beautiful pictures.

    The corners of Armitageworld i hang out in are full of thoughtful, generous people who make the day brighter. And then there is Pinterest (for anyone looking , i’m there as Nicola Jane as someone else had the bloomin’ cheek to register bollyknickers before me!) which is where i put all the pretty things that lift my heart – there are quite a few pictures of RA in there for some inexplicable reason.. 😉

    I hope you are able to enjoy your daughters’ graduation – it’s a milestone for the whole family to be proud of.

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Thanks for the wonderful thoughts, bollyknickers. I would argue that I have received so much more from getting actively involved with Armitageworld than I have given. You’re right, there seem to be some great people here. I started to sign up at Pinterest, but haven’t yet. My daughter is on there, and I’m trying to keep a low profile with my family so that I can feel free to be really open in my blog, etc. But if there’s a way to just sneak around Pinterest without actually signing up? Would love to see your RA photo collection!

      Not to worry, I plan to enjoy my daughter’s graduation even if I have to stay medicated the whole time. (That really shouldn’t be necessary, though.) We’re excited because our whole family (three kids plus our son’s wife) will all be there together for her graduation – we are in fact very proud because this was a very special opportunity for her to go there. And it’s in one of the most beautiful little cities in this country, in our opinion. Can’t wait!

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Thanks! Oh dear, bad day? Of course we can need RA no matter the type of day we’ve had. OK, just saw your post. Hope those pics helped! Sure helped me. 🙂


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