Quick Update

Just added a few pics to the Aurora’s Prince page.  I’ll repeat this one, just because it is incredible, and in honor of Guy Day!

The Dark Prince  Source: richardarmitagenet.com

Source: richardarmitagenet.com


8 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. justmepurring Post author

    April73, so do I. I must admit it took me a while to get used to the longer-haired Guy, but I’m definitely coming around! 🙂 Do I have it correct that you’re in France?

      1. justmepurring Post author

        OK, just wondered because of your blog. I have never been to Switzerland, but my in-laws visited there a number of years ago,and it was their favorite country of their entire European tour. They said it was very beautiful!

      2. april73

        If you have the possibity to visit Switzerland, do it. It’s a very nice country. 🙂

        May I ask you where are your from ? 🙂

      3. justmepurring Post author

        OK. I was thinking that French is generally spoken in Switzerland? A beautiful language. I’m afraid I know only a few phrases. We went to France several years ago, and my husband and I struggled to communicate. We wanted so badly to be able to speak French more fluently, but we probably sounded pretty funny, with our bad pronunciation and American accents. Luckily, our children had all had French in school. They helped out tremendously.

        I’d love to see Switzerland! Unfortunately we don’t travel much now. I’m sure if that’s something I can do in the future, but still hoping to.

        By the way, I’m from the United States. Texas, actually.

      4. april73

        There is 4 official languages in Switzerland : French, German, Italian and Romansh. I come from the French part of Switzerland. I also speak German (but not perfectly).

        Here’s some more information about my country : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland

        I’ve never visited Texas. I’ve spent 5 months in San Diego when I was 20 (I’m now 39) to improve my English and I’ve visited Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. I came back to USA in Summer 2007 to visit New York and Las Vegas.

        My godmother lives in Phoenix, but I’ve never been there.

      5. justmepurring Post author

        That’s really interesting. I didn’t realize there were so many official languages in Switzerland. I’m afraid in this country we are not very good about learning different languages, which I think is a shame. Some people are starting to learn Spanish more than before because of all the Hispanic immigrants, but there are a lot of people who think everyone should just speak English. I think that’s wrong.

        Thanks for the information about Switzerland, too.

        You’ve been to a number of our big cities. Kind of funny that the only one of those I’ve been to is Las Vegas, and then it was just passing through on the way somewhere else.

        Texas is a huge state. It isn’t all desert and cowboys, like people think of it. It has some very beautiful pine forests, rolling hills, and even mountains.I guess it is known for having some very narrow-minded people, but not everyone is that way. Texas has a lot of ethnic groups who have settled here. German, Alsatian, Czech, Polish, Italian. The largest single ethnic group besides “white” people is the Hispanic population. Texans pride themselves on their friendliness. Usually they’re right.

        Hey, it’s great to hear about your country!

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