Handling Armitage Withdrawal, Y’all

About all these coastal posts: I love the coast and must be thinking of it more because “endless summer” is almost upon us.  But I have been sadly lacking in Richard Armitage postings, so here’s my favorite of the latest RA promo photographs from Sydney:


2013 Promo Pic, mXnewspaper.  Source: richardarmitagenet.com

I realize this particular shot wasn’t the favorite of some – our tastes vary – but when that set of photos was posted, this one immediately attracted my eye.  Maybe just because the brown leather was a change from the usual black, maybe because of the contrast it provided – at least more than black does – with Mr. Armitage’s hair (Forgive the interruption, but let me make it clear that Richard Armitage and black go together like, well, boots and leather. I certainly don’t mean to disparage The Black. May that never change.), maybe it was something about the casual pose against a stone wall. Of course, a LOT of the attraction was his facial expression, as it often is.

In another discussion about this photo, I believe someone mentioned cowboys of South Texas wearing similar brown leather jackets. A comparison I hadn’t considered, but the more I thought about it…. hmmm, interesting.

I know this is asking RA fans to leap across a huge cultural chasm here, but this is just food for wistful thinking (and purring). I grew up surrounded by the cowboy culture. I was not a part of it and was more likely to be found in either the hippie or the nerd crowd.  But this has always appealed to me:  a tall, lean, handsome, long-legged cowboy, in the aforementioned brown leather jacket, good-fitting jeans (!), and cowboy boots.  Hat is optional, because I couldn’t decide between black felt and natural straw, although I lean toward the black. Got the sweet horseback riding skills already. And I think stubble works better than clean-shaven or beard here. On second thought, the beard will work too.  Just something to ponder.


10 thoughts on “Handling Armitage Withdrawal, Y’all

  1. justmepurring Post author

    I thought it was you, but didn’t want to attribute it without being sure. The narrow tie works for sure. My next step is to take this yummily clad guy and place him on the dance floor. Two-step, anyone?

    1. Servetus

      I know!!! Two-step. I wrote about that fantasy sometime in the fall of 2011; it would *not* leave me alone. Cowboy boots, and that assured movement around the floor …

      1. justmepurring Post author

        Absolutely with you on this one. There’s something about that dance; it is mesmerizing to watch. I’m sure some of it is a function of dance skill, but I like to think there is a special bond and connectedness between the two people that flows into the two bodies moving as one with “that assured movement around the floor…” and the boots ………………………………. …………………….Is it too early in the day to be intoxicated?

      2. Servetus

        For me there’s the additional frisson of having grown up in anti-dance faith — so I find a dancing man just about always an attractive picture. However, there is something about that dance in particular and I don’t know exactly what it is. It seems both happy and intimate at the same time (not erotic with violent tendencies like the tango, or just gay and energetic like the polka) and it’s not complicated so you don’t find yourself making judgments about art. The man is in control / leading, but it’s a very relaxed kind of control / leading, and it’s not a hard dance, so you see people talking while they’re doing it …

      3. justmepurring Post author

        Ah, Servetus, this is one reason I’ve enjoyed your writing – keeping me on my toes by introducing a word I have to look up (beginning with feuilleton). And so, after consulting the dictionary, I’ve concluded that frisson is an absolutely delicious word. Now I’ll have to seek out occasions to use it. That said, so growing up with dance as a forbidden activity adds to the attraction then rather than detracts from it? I agree with your assessment of the two step – and there is still for me a sensuous harmony with the slow, step, step, slow, step, step movements when they are perfectly synchronized by the two dancers. Funny that it’s hard to describe the reason(s) for the attraction here. Funny that there is so much to be said about a dance.

      4. Servetus

        🙂 increase your wordpower with Armitage blogging 🙂 “Feuilleton” is a word I picked up in Germany. What I love about “frisson” is the combination of thrill and something a little darker like a shudder or a shiver. It’s also IMO onomatopoetic. Dancing=thrill of the forbidden (and I left that faith in 1992 …).

  2. Faboamanto

    I didn’t think about him having a cowboy look here, but I can see it now that you mention it. But I’m on the East Coast, so not that familiar with the look. I did think he also had a bit of a cowboy look in an episode of Spooks, S9 – the jeans, the shirt, and the boots. Maybe because he is tall and lean, and those long, long, legs.

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Hi, Faoamanto. As you can see below, the cowboy look actually started with a comment by Servetus. I just took it a step further – even though it seems kind of far-fetched and out of character for RA. Maybe you’ve hit it on the head – it’s his tall, lean look, and oh, those long legs! that conjures visions of cowboys. You’ve given me a good reason, like I need one, to go back to Spooks to check it out. Thanks!

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