Coastal Time

Okay, until I gain some confidence with the photo-publishing/copyrighted images bit, I’m putting on some of my own (actually my family members’) coastal shots.  Just a quick journey to several of the coasts I’ve visited. These generate lots of purring!


The California coast. A bit rocky, but the water is gorgeous!


Pelicans are my favorite coastal animal. Not the most attractive in the face, but incredible to watch in the air and in the water – powerful, elegant. I guess their look makes them a bit comical, not taking themselves too seriously – I like the dichotomy. They always seem to fly over as we arrive at the coast and welcome us. I also love the docks and harbors – with boats, wooden pilings and ladders, ropes.


Dunes and sandy paths….this is the northern coast of France – Normandy Beach, to be exact. I was surprised to learn that that was just the Allied code name. I couldn’t find the French name for the beach itself. But the nearby French hamlets have much more picturesque names than we used – Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes, Vierville-sur-Mer,  Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer. Who could believe this idyllic place was the site of such a horrific battle?


And I never would have believed the water of the English Channel was this blue. Very beautiful… and very cold.

Beach & Dunes

My sentimental favorite coast – the Third Coast, some call it.  Not the most beautiful in the eyes of some but the home of my true esprit.


Finally, a sunset on my favorite coast.

5 thoughts on “Coastal Time

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  2. DaisyGirl

    These are beautiful. The only coast I have actually been on was in San Diego. Every time I see a marina, as in the second picture, I am reminded of it. And pelicans really are a bit ugly, aren’t they?

    1. justmepurring Post author

      Yes, I’m afraid pelicans have a face only a mother pelican could love. But as I said they are incredible in motion, and for some completely inexplicable reason, have become something of a totem for me. Haven’t seen southern California beaches, but it’s on my list of “to see” places.


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