Low and Slow This Week

So, with all sorts of grandiose plans to finish out the page for spirituality, learn how to use photos without violating copyright or being placed in cyberspace stocks, and otherwise spread comments around some of the incredible blogs I’m following, I’ve done none of that.  Blame it on the “C” word, or rather the treatment for it. Not going into it here, but suffice it to say chemo sucks.

Only consolation (other than a caring family) is some beautiful RA pics/edits that have come out recently. Unfortunately it hurts to smile, but that doesn’t stop me from looking!


3 thoughts on “Low and Slow This Week

  1. Servetus

    Agree on that one. Just watching someone have it is bad. That’s what Armitage pix are there for — to make you happy and relieve your suffering!

      1. Servetus

        Never having had it, but having watched it four times now, I can’t say — but I can say is that you never get used to watching it even as you get more familiar with the disease and its “progress.”

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